1.     Prior to each RoundTable gathering, a video will be released introducing the questions we will face.

2.     If the questions appeal to you, RSVP immediately.  All are welcome (students, faculty, facilities workers, senior staff, alumni, parents) to join the conversation, however there are only 35 seats at the Roundtable.  First come, first serve.

3.     On the evening of the gathering, each guest will be seated at a table with 5-7 unlikely partners.

4.     An animator (a facilitator equipped with questions and trained to bring the conversation to life) will welcome each guest to their table.

5.     Following brief table-side introductions, the RoundTable hosts will offer a brief welcome and overview of the RoundTable Values.

6.     All will be invited to covenant around the ground rules for conversation.

7.     As course one is placed on the tables to be shared family-style, the animator will present the first question of the night for conversation. 

8.     To ensure that food for thought is also shared, we offer every guest the opportunity to share their storied wisdom.

9.     Steps seven and eight, will be repeated for the main course and desert. 

10.  The RoundTable hosts will offer a signature closing to offer gratitude for the shared meals, life-giving conversation, and relationships being formed.